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Letter to the editor... First year at FTS
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Dear Editor: I would like to thank the Board of Education for giving us, Newton County citizens, an opportunity to start a brand new concept with the theme schools in Newton County this year. At Fairview we have often described this first year as our first baby. The unknown of the first weeks and months has lead to a sense of security and knowledge at the close of our first year. We are eager about taking off and walking with confidence next year. We anticipate the second year and consequential years to flourish.

Although Clements Theme will be dissolving in a few days, Fairview Theme looks forward to embracing the current fourth graders and their families at Clements as fifth graders next year at Fairview. I would like to encourage the Board of Education to allow us to grow slowly. I would also like to thank the administration, teachers, staff and the parents at Fairview for completing our first year with many accomplishments and successes. The principal, Dr. Ruth Anne Smith at Fairview has been extremely instrumental in the implementation of the Parental Involvement Theme. Dr. Smith has been involved in all sorts of aspects but has also given us, the parents, the freedom to lead in many ways. Thank you, Dr. Smith, for truly embracing the parental involvement theme.

Parental involvement is not a foreign concept to schools everywhere so what exactly sets us apart? I’d like to state that we at Fairview completely not only encourage but embrace students, parents and their families. Yes, parental involvement at the theme school is required; however we have many families that have gone way over the contractual 10 hours. Why is this, because once parents get involved in the school they feel a sense of ownership and pride. The volunteers are an incredible asset to the school. They provided meals to the staff, cleaned in all sorts of ways, photocopied, laminated, worked in the classrooms, cut grass, cut hedges, supported fundraisers, worked on videos for the schools, and the list keeps going and going and going. The best part was that the volunteers were always ready to help at a moments notice. I would like to encourage the other schools to embrace

To the parents, staff and students at Fairview, thank you for making our first year phenomenal and I look forward to many more with you all.

"He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed." — William James

Lisa Joyce