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Letter to the editor
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Dear Editor,

Any attentive American citizen with some knowledge of world history should realize that the America the Founding Fathers gave us is on a path to oblivion, perhaps even past the point of no return. All the world’s great powers fell because of unrestrained greed of their leaders. The fall of America appears inevitable for the same reason. The Founding Fathers gave us a blueprint in the form of a Constitution that, if followed, would assure a peaceful and long-lasting coexistence. Over the years, career politicians, in doling out unearned benefits from the public treasury, commonly regarded as bribery, have succeeded in amassing a majority of the electorate as loyal supporters in the voting booth.

When the voting process becomes contaminated, bad things result. Since the days when owning real property was a requirement to vote, eligibility has been expanded by the 13th Amendment, the 15th, the 19th, the 24th, and the 26th. Today, the masses who are receiving a benefit from the treasury have, in reality, become the ruling class by virtue of dominance in the voting booth. The tail is wagging the dog, and some want to strengthen that dominance by allowing non-citizens to vote. This gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling recalling that I went to war three years before I could vote after having to demonstrate literacy to the Registrar by writing a coherent statement. Any fair-minded person should readily see that allowing anyone receiving an unearned benefit from the treasury to vote is a conflict of interest, because the taker will always support the giver.

The Founding Fathers provided a third branch of government, the judicial branch, to ensure the Constitution is adhered to. Recent rulings raise questions about the integrity of the Court. With due respect to the Roberts Court, there is no authority, short of a Constitutional Amendment, for government to provide, or require insurance for anyone. The Tenth Amendment is unmistakably clear, if authority is not spelled out in the Constitution, government does not have it.

In 2008, candidate Obama vowed to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Obamacare is a giant step toward subversion, the overthrowing of government, and he appears to have the support of all those receiving a benefit, practically all the Democrats in Congress, an overwhelming majority of mainstream media, as well as a large segment of the electorate. The judicial branch seems uncertain. Chief Justice Roberts reportedly cast the deciding vote on the legality of Obamacare on grounds it was a tax. Since it is not authorized by the Constitution, being a tax would seem irrelevant.

Grady Mullins

Newton County