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Letter: Thank you postal workers
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Dear editor,

It’s the Christmas season, and we need to appreciate the unsung heroes of the season, namely, the postal clerks!

During this busy time I have been to different post offices — just depending on where I am — and every place the lines are long with people with boxes, large envelopes, etc. And some wait until they get to the counter to decide they need more tape or even a different box and oh yes, they start addressing the box at the counter. Then they slowly drag out money or cards and then they have to dig out their IDs. I’d seen it all this season, and yes I have never seen a frown or a scowl on any clerk’s face, only smiles and a helpful attitude, and so much patience with people.

They all deserve a big thank you from the public — and the public should be grateful. I wasn’t behind the counter; I don’t think I would have been so nice and smiling! And a special tip of the hat goes to Karen, a clerk in the Covington post office on Usher Street. What a lovely smile she greets you with.

Sincerely, Helen Terrell