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Letter: Thank you for helping my child through a difficult time
Letters - OPINION

Dear Ms. Greco,

I’m penning this letter to express my appreciation for the assistance that you provided to my son Isaiah and our family during the 2016–2017 school year. The beginning of the school year was a perilous time for myself and the children. Divorce is often rather difficult on children.

My son had to handle some adverse situations, but your guidance, direction and encouragement helped Isaiah thrive in the classroom. You reassured me that you would keep him focused academically and you accomplished that. Isaiah won the Principal’s Award due to hard work along with your leadership and supervision.

Your efforts didn’t come without sacrifice and adversity. A program that you worked so hard to establish was dissolved, due to a certain party related to our family being mendacious.

There were vindictive attempts to assassinate your character and undermine the concerted effort that you put forth in making your students leaders for the future, but you displayed resolve. You continued to motivate my son as well.

The program you had established gave something positive and resourceful to the community, most of all to the children. Perhaps, in the future I could make contributions that could help re-establish what was lost. I can’t be contrite enough.

I have assisted you in the classroom and you are one of the greatest teachers that I have ever witnessed.  You are very passionate about your work and genuinely care about your students.

You employ different methods and strategies that make the learning environment enjoyable, but at the same time challenging. Your teaching goes beyond academics and channels the students minds into positive thinking.

Many kids don’t have the support at home that we all wish they had. The body of work that your class masters builds self-assurance as well as self-respect. I feel that is imperative in their development as future leaders and productive adults.

I’m certain that you will continue to inspire the children to learn for years to come. The positive impact that you make in their lives will remain with them throughout the course of this remarkable journey called life.
Isaiah will always be a great example of your love of teaching and dedication to your students. I really appreciate the Newton County School System for providing such an excellent educator to the community.

If I can ever assist you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much!

Clarence Hughes