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Letter: Stop wasting time trying to change the past

Dear persons of Covington, Georgia:

Why are you wasting precious time that is left of this strong system with such nonsense of removing a Confederate statue?

That statue is a part of history? Why look back to things behind when time is speeding to a better world that God has promised all of us at 2 Peter 3:13.

You who want the statue removed are really ignorant to the fact no man can change the past. If you spent as much time reading, meditating on God’s word — the Holy Writings, the Bible — you could benefit yourselves (Isaiah 48:12, 18).

As you know, everyone still believes the Jewish persons are God-chosen people when in fact after Jesus was respected by the Jewish nation as a whole God told them they were no longer the chosen people of God; their house has been abandoned to them. The man that does the will of God (Jehovah) and accepts Jesus Christ as Jehovah God’s son and exercises faith in him is acceptable to the God of heavens and earth and the creator of the universe including earth (Hebrews 3:4).

Diane Hughes