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LETTER: Reader shares part of letter to Newton Commission chairman

Dear Editor:

As all of us come to the end of the year, facing property tax bills.  I would like to share with you part of a letter I have written to The Chairman & Board of Commissioners who decide our property fees.  I think many people feel the way I do.

“Atten:  Chairman & Board of Commissioners

“Please find enclosed this letter and a copy of my letter addressed to Dana Darby’s office:  Tax Commissioner, who, (from what I gather), are the tax collectors, not the implementer’s and deciders.

“I am writing to you as I disagree with your tax bill on my property.  The amount I am disputing is for School M&O in the amount of $1,048.00.  Since my husband and I are over 63 and have no children living in Georgia and no children having ever attended Georgia schools, this amount should not be charged, since we get no benefit from services. We have already over-paid, since I have been out of child bearing age for over 15 years & only had one Son who is over 30.   Sound familiar?

“President Trump stated, ‘If schools do not reopen, the funds should go to the parents to send their children to public or private or charter schools, religious or home schools of their choice. 

If schools are closed, the money should follow the student so the parents and family are in control of their own decision, or, the money should go to the parents of the student.’

“Which brings in other factors:  No school in session, in buildings, etc....(Why should I/we pay for something, actually nobody is getting in the full sense?  Another argument could be:  Why raise our taxes during Covid?  Very in-humanitarian action if you ask me.  Plus:  Our street has no lights or sidewalks...but whatever.  We all are suppose to pay a proposed estimate predicted for the future is not logical or helpful to people during a pandemic or any time.  Not all of us have sat at the government’s knee, making decisions for others, but if I did, I wouldn’t impose school taxes and ones like these that take money out of the pockets of the elderly who are on a budget and for that matter people who do not have children.  Things need to change.”

I hope these words resonate and help others come to the forefront to take a stand on Property taxes with me.

Holly Jameson