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LETTER: Reader says frequency of child exploitation cases ‘sickening’
Letters - OPINION

Dear Editor:

With respect to the article “Porterdale, Social Circle residents arrested on child exploitation charges,” it says to the world whereas easy as it is to exploit children, it is getting easier to be brought to justice. I believe individuals involved in this type of sexual exploitation should get maximum sentences. I have seen many child sexual abuse and exploitation cases working in child welfare for almost 10 years. You feel the impact of an innocent child being violated and their world forever changing again. The most sickening part is how frequently this occurs in our society, both presently and in the past, by having more deviant individuals that prey on children brought to light the better. I also believe there needs to be more parent education on both digital and in-person exploitations. So often, these matters occur due to a caretaker not paying attention to the signs or having conversations with their children about these dangers throughout their childhood and adolescent years. Unfortunately, you see parents who are not attentive enough, unprotective (if they have the information), or compare their child’s sexual abuse experiences to their child to determine the validity. Suppose we ensure proper parental controls and education on sexual abuse?  By parents teaching good/bad touch, body autonomy, and validation in reporting abuse allows children steps to self-protect. In that case, law enforcement completing operations to catch and bring to justice abusers and community (public and familial) supports have better assistance tackling this matter.


Jasmine Bell