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Letter: Letter misses the mark in understanding

To the editor:

The title to Mr. Archie Sheppard's Letter to the Editor (Jan. 13-14) "Knowledge doesn't always equal understanding," may not reflect Mr. Sheppard's thesis for his letter. Perhaps it was phrased to reflect the editor's interpretation. But I do think that all would agree that there probably does need to be some knowledge to have valid understanding.

Mr. Sheppard's letter takes a previous letter writer, Barbara Morgan, to the woodshed and begins by asking who she is to think she has the qualifications to keep an eye on the burgeoning costs of the county which are always passed onto the ones carrying the financial load-the nematode taxpayer.

I tell you, Mr. Sheppard who Ms. Morgan is: She is a Newton County resident and tax payer and has every right to have an interest in how our hard earned tax monies are spent. And, she doesn't need your endorsement, approval, nor sanction to do so.

Sheriff Ezell Brown may well be as pure as the driven snow, and a good administrator, and from where I stand, he is a fine sheriff. This does not preclude him, however, from having his feet held to the fire in explaining how he spends our money. If the information gleaned by Mr. Sheppard is accurate and acquired from Sheriff Brown, then there is a question as to why the Sheriff's Office has these type legal needs and size of staff.

I would have thought the Newton County School System would have had the bulk of employees, not the Sheriff's Office. Perhaps Sheriff Brown needs to have an internal review of his patrolling, arrest and jailing policies that lead to lawsuits and such a legion of deputies. Sheriff Brown should have a keen interest in being totally transparent about the revenue required to operate the Sheriff's Office and do so with a larger audience than Mr. Sheppard. 

Considering the graft, lack of fiduciary responsibilities we see daily on the news all across the country from our politicians, Newton taxpayers should be happy to have a watch dog such as Ms. Morgan. I certainly am. No public servant or politician is above scrutiny when they are serving at our behest and vote no matter who they are. This is not looking for any rabbit holes.

Felton Hudson