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Letter: Follow the driving laws
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To the editor and all Georgia drivers:

It is so exasperating to drive behind a car whose driver does not use their directional signals properly.

Georgia law and common courtesy require a driver to signal their intention of changing lanes or making right or left turns, not as you make a turn, but six to eight clicks of the turn signal prior to actually making a turn.

In a roundabout (or cloverleaf) use the turn signal prior to exiting.

This facilitates the entering drivers to anticipate the intention of the exiting vehicles and facilitates traffic flow. Just common courtesy in using turn signals makes driving a little more pleasant.

Also, on four lane roads, Georgia law should more clearly state to keep right except to pass.

Regardless of your speed, stay out of the left lane except to pass. Driving in the left lane forces other vehicles to pass on the right which is obviously dangerous. Come on Georgia drivers, get with it; use common courtesy.

Ralph E. Jones