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Letter: Confederate statue conversation should die down

To the editor:

The current and unneeded furor over the Confederate Soldier's Statue on the square hopefully will die a quiet death. History cannot be destroyed no matter how much one may want to obliterate it. It seems that the statue is offensive to some but strangely this grave offense only surfaced with the election of the current President. But maybe not.

If those wanting the statue removed legally, or just pulled down at night, get their way as they normally do, they need a game plan on who or what will replace it. This needs serious thought.

Obviously, we cannot replace it with Barack Obama as he  created much of the racial division and hate we see today. Never has it been worse in my years. Nor, Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton – both rapists. Certainly not MS Ozburn who operated a segregated theater in Covington. What about a statue of Homer Sharp and RL Cousins in a warm handshake? Well, if none of these are good enough, how about one of our forefathers who started this "racist" nation-nah, too controversial and most all owned another human being.

The most logical choice if the statue must be razed would be Uncle Billy Sherman who spared Covington as he marched and burned much of Georgia on his way to Savannah. But the RIGHT choice is to leave the statue where it is and anyone not liking that, may they find another place to domicile, or take a long walk off a short pier! The statue has stood guard since 1906 and is a simple reminder of our history where the people of the South stood against tyrannical government and an invasion of their country by armies of the North. He magnificently represents their giving it their best shot. Just leave it alone!

Felton Hudson

Stone Mountain