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Letter: Concerned citizen speaks up for BD

To the Editor of the Covington News:

I suspected from the start that the whole ethylene oxide story was primarily a product of sensational journalism looking for a crisis and ambulance-chasing attorneys searching for someone to soak.

Your article on Oct. 3 indicating that perhaps 0.001%--for anyone who is math-challenged, that is 1/1,000th of 1/100th--is being released bears out my original suspicions. The fact is that no testing can provide 100% assurance--it's just not possible even if there is 100% removal--so they cover themselves by stating 99.999% removal. I think I am correct in saying 0.001% is undetectable. Please remember that 0.001% is 1/100,000 of the total.

It is unfortunate that what I consider to be unscrupulous people have created so much angst in our community in the interest of a few moments notoriety or a cheap payoff, not to mention the cost to a local, reputable and respectable business. BD is much more dependable than any of the originators of the "story " or the lawyers seeking a fast buck. I noticed a "one-call-that's-all" type ad on my stinking Facebook page apparently seeking potential clients to seek damages! I am appalled that the legal profession has sunk so low as to allow such a thing.

And, for the record, I do not have, nor have I ever had, any relationship whatsoever with Bard, BD, or any of the executives at the business. My only dog in the fight is that of a concerned citizen who sees a great disservice and, in my opinion, an immoral action being perpetrated in our community.


James Killman