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Judge not
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Dear Editor: This letter is in reply to Ms. Mae Banks' letter concerning her disgust over women she describes as "floozies." As a Christian, I was appalled by the hateful, judgmental attitude Ms. Banks displayed. She insinuated that as a woman who "attend[s] church every Sunday" she has the right to judge others. I invite Ms. Banks to read John 8:1-11, in which Christ defends a woman accused of adultery. I also would like to remind her of Christ's own warning in Matthew 7:1-3 against judging others. Calling someone a "freak" under the banner of Christianity is an awful misrepresentation of a religion that exhorts us to love everyone because they are made in God's image. Christ himself disliked the pious religious men of his day and instead befriended prostitutes, tax collectors, and the common worker. To the young women Ms. Banks insulted, I apologize and promise you that God loves you and Christ would not treat you with such disrespect.