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Irresponsible adults
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Dear Editor: I am in total agreement with the letter titled "concerned about drug use in the county" written by a Mr. Harry Long on 5-29-2009. The part that overly concerned me is where Mr. Long spoke on drug usage in our schools. I have a daughter in college and a daughter entering Eastside High School this year. Both have lost friends due to their drug use. Many of these students either fell behind or dropped out of school.

Before drugs can come into a school there has to be several adults involved. An adult has to furnish the drugs to the children and someone certainly has to buy them.

Mr. Long mentioned crack houses in Newton County; the adults going to these houses and buying drugs should realize when they buy drugs that more drugs come into the county. The actions of these addicted, airhead adults are the main reasons we have drugs in our schools where our children and their parents suffer.

If these houses did not exist, the amount [of drugs] available to our children would significantly decrease and everyone would be better off.