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Good mix of columnists
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To the editor:

For months, I have been meaning to write and tell you how much I enjoy reading Pete Mecca’s column — “A Veteran’s Story.” The people he writes about are our true American heroes, and I can’t help tearing up when I read about them. His columns are interesting, well-written and heartwarming.

I look forward to reading them each week. I’m also gaining a lot of knowledge reading Professor Walter Williams’ column. I’ve learned so much more about the inner-workings of the three branches of the government and the Constitution than I can recall learning in civics class many, many years ago. His columns are so logical and well-written that anyone can understand them. And, while I still miss Nat Harwell, I do enjoy David McCoy’s column.

It’s light-hearted, entertaining and it fills Nat’s void for me (along with Dick Yarbrough). But, one burning question for me is: Where is Kari? I really liked Kari Apted’s weekly column and miss reading it each week.

All in all, I’d say you have a well-rounded roster of columnists who cover all of the bases: serious, light-hearted, right wing, left wing, nostalgia and pure entertainment. Keep up the good work!

Susan DesJardins

Social Circle