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Dont give me a sign
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Dear Editor: Our Newton Board of Commissioners has revised a request regarding billboard placement on Interstate 20 right of way. This request was rejected by our planning commission, and if approved would gut a sign ordinance passed and court tested years ago.
This ordinance was passed for the protection of all of us in Newton County. It was not proposed and passed by dreamy visionaries and do-gooders, but by wise and practical people. These people realized that clutter and visual pollution of unrestricted roadside advertising damages the quality of life and actual market value of every home and business in our county.
Interstate 20 was not built and paid for by adjacent property owners, but by all taxpayers everywhere.

Mr. Commissioner, count the number of voters who would benefit from overriding this ordinance, then count the number of voters who would be harmed and offended.
We will be watching.

Pierce S. Cline

Editor’s note: The signs referenced in the above letter are 150 square feet and traditional highway billboards are 1,600 square feet.