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Disturbed by letter
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Harry L. Long’s letter to the Editor on Friday, July 26 disturbs me greatly.

We have lived in this area since 1964, and we are not familiar with the "perks" that Harry says that we get over and beyond what the City of Covington provides to "all" areas of the city: city water, sewers, trash/garbage pick-up, and electricity. To the best of my knowledge, since 1964 we have never had "almost daily" trash or garbage pick-up, as stated by Harry.

Many years ago resident owners on S.E. Forest Drive submitted a request to Mayors Dobbs and Burton to curb and gutter this street. We did not receive any commitment from the city.

One resident owner paid the city to install curbing in order to stop the water runoff from washing across his yard.

Other owners have paid to have guttering installed to handle the water runoff and to cover the deep ditches in front of their property.

Since we do not have curbing and gutters on our street, I suggest that Harry do further research to see what areas of the city are getting the sidewalks, curbing and guttering

The street sweepers must be wearing out in other areas that Harry is more familiar with.

Edward A. Standard