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Dear Editor: Today I acquired a copy of the July 1 edition and perused its pages to discover any interesting tidbits waiting for one to espy. There were, of course, many interesting foci, from which must could be extracted. When I read the letters to the editor, I observed something I found most perplexing: a letter entitled "Election coverage," written by Mr. Heaton. The author of the letter does not understand the purpose of an editorial.

Let me give you and him a vocabulary lesson. An opinion is a personal view, attitude or appraisal. A columnist is a writer or editor of a newspaper or magazine column. A journalist is a person who practices the occupation or profession of journalism. Ignorant means a lack of knowledge, learning or information.

In the future, it might behoove the author of said letter if, instead of attacking in ignorant, self-righteous, political, zealotry, he would take time to at least open a dictionary before he decides that one's opinion, as either "journalist or columnist." The letter writer should himself obtain "the ‘true' facts of the issue" before putting pen to paper to state such drivel as he did in his letter.

Perhaps a trip to a book store to purchase a dictionary is in order. As to the attack on the editor's character, that is the subject of another letter for another day.

James R. Hays