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Baby steps
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Dear Editor: The recent events concerning the Dalton Gang and the mayor are very similar to the politics of Washington, D.C. We have two sides, entrenched in their dogma, unwilling to practice diplomacy. A word of advice to both sides: you will always learn more from those who disagree with you than you will from the "yes men" who follow you. Maybe the Dalton Gang is right; maybe we can’t afford it right now? But does that mean we could not take some "baby steps" right now and make it a long term project? Is it possible that there is federal grant money out there for such a green-space initiative? Could it be that local businesses might be willing to sponsor/adopt/advertise on a section of the trail? Almost every major project that I have completed started with one of my closest friends or coworkers telling me that it couldn’t be done. Of course, the elite spoon-fed Dalton Gang already have their green space, the local golf courses. If you took those away, maybe they would be more sympathetic to the common man’s needs.