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Another four years?
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Dear Editor: By the time this letter will have been printed, our country will have decided whether to commit to socialism and bankruptcy, or whether we begin the long climb back to where we came from. With President Obama's record of ineptness on the economy and reckless forays into foreign affairs, we as a nation are mired in hopelessness.

Since the DNC in Charlotte back during Sept. 4-6, when we put our toes over the 16 trillion in debt line, we have added more than 4 billion dollars indebtedness every day for almost 2 months. We are now well on the way to 17 trillion in debt. To put that in some sort of perspective since very few mathematical computations involve trillions of anything, that is 17 thousand billions of dollars. No country on this earth - ever - has owed anywhere near that amount of money. Our goose is cooked if President Obama gets another four years to suck this old sow dry. It may well be cooked anyway as there is no way we can ever service the interest load on this amount of money without even more borrowing.

With President Obama's lack of understanding of business principles and general overall ineptness, there is no way he should have ever been considered a serious candidate for another four years. But incredibly, our nation sits on pins and needles wondering if there are enough votes out there to put him back in office. May our God intervene in this matter and be with us in the times ahead no matter who is at the helm.

Felton Hudson
Stone Mountain