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A response to Romneys class warfare article
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Dear Editor: Thanks to Mr. Robinson for calling it out loud in his article "Romney's class warfare" in the weekend issue. Even though we merely pay income tax, my husband and I are hardworking people and pay our share in payroll tax (which I consider just another form of income tax), property tax and sales tax. It was simply outrageous what this arrogant person let out at this fundraiser (assuming these 47 percent of "lazy bums" would never get to hear this).

It was a slap in the face of every hardworking American, an insult to all Americans who worked so hard before their retirement, and all working parents who are raising young tax payers, juggling multiple jobs. Just because he was "born with the silver spoon" does not give Mr. Romney the right to deprecate those who forged this silver spoon in countless hours of underpaid labor and sweat. The pro-Romney Republicans are disgracing themselves with such a candidate. Also thanks to Scott Rasmussen for his comment.