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Kid friendly checkouts
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I was in line at a local grocery store with a young mother and her baseball clad child. He looked to be about 5 years old and was very cute in his brightly colored baseball shirt.

He was trying to be well behaved but that was difficult given the distractions in the checkout lane. Candy, toys, and all manner of other distractions.

His mother was patient and firm but I really felt sorry for the little tyke. The environment is distracting for adults and even more so for our children. And children are going to pass through those exits who see other parents buy things for their children. They do not understand why they can’t have the same things.

I have a suggestion that could benefit both stores and parents. Why not have one or two kid friendly checkout lines? No toys, candies, etc., but stock them with one page coloring sheets with the store logo. The coloring sheets could vary with the seasons.

The children will love collecting them and then the store logo will be on refrigerators all over the county.

I rather doubt any store could afford to pay for advertising that is displayed so prominently in homes across Newton County.

Our children will be able to express themselves artistically, parents will have a less harried time in the checkout line and I suspect the stores will find being "kid friendly" is something that will translate into good will in the community.

Patrick Durusau is a resident of Covington. His columns appear regularly on Fridays.