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A terrible pall had been cast over the land. Nights seemed longer, and the days less full of life. People retreated into their homes, avoiding the eyes of their neighbors.

As Newton County darkest hour seemed to extend forever, a knight in shining armor from the north rode into the darkness and drove it back.

The knight promised to build a great castle near the springs of Stanton and to hire 1,500 lucky citizens to join him at his new court. He promised a new reign that would last for many years and would bring many more great men to the land.
We could carry out this analogy further, but you don't purchase this paper for its quality fiction writing.

By choosing our community, Baxter International not only brought hope through its arrival, but its decision allowed us to dream that Baxter might only be the beginning. Is Newton County is ready to resume its place as a manufacturing mecca?
Chamber President Hunter Hall reported to elected officials last week that 21 companies are currently considering Newton County as a landing spot.

In addition to that positive news, the Medical College of Georgia is interested in helping develop the I-20 corridor as a life science corridor.

Given life sciences are some of the most advanced, best paying, sustainable jobs around, these recent developments bring a wide smile to our face, as we're sure they do to every small business owner and homeowner in the area.

We realize Baxter's arrival won't be for another few years and that it may be many years before another large industry chooses Newton County, but we encourage you who have hung in this long to keep the faith that Covington and Newton County can someday reach their potential and bring a new level of civic pride to its citizens.

Let's keep this positive momentum going, by putting our renewed energies into to continuing to improve our schools and develop our young people. If you have children in school, help them become the most well rounded students possible. If you don't, consider mentoring or tutoring youth who desperately need your help.

The future is bright, but the path forward is paved with your hard work.