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Understanding Breeds Common Ground
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Once again I find myself faced with a Column written by Mr. Carter in the Sunday, Aug. 26, edition that simply cries out for a logical response.

Mr. Carter's article entitled "Better than a thousand hollow words" is borrowed from a quote by Buddha: "Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace."

Surely we need not revert to a foreign Eastern philosopher to find a motivational quote when we have a veritable library of quotes from profound intellectuals and men of deep conviction who spawned and developed this Great American Experiment.

Far be it from me to disrespect or interpret the words of a religious prophet who has been honored by his sect for hundreds of years. But I can question the relative representation of that particular philosophical comment to our 2012 presidential election. One word except perhaps Freedom or the Constitution can begin to describe the political struggle our country now faces. Surely one word can not capture the essence of the historic issues at stake.

The productive discussions to review and analyze conflicting issues proposed on both sides of presidential election debate should be conducted on an intellectual and feasible level rooted in current facts unquestionably with a visible positive direction.

I quote Mr. Carter from the article: "No doubt Republicans began plotting to unseat Barack Obama on the morning of Nov. 5, 2008." I highlight the selection of the word "plotting" by Mr. Carter to imply that Machiavellian Republicans were deviously conjuring up plans to exploit nefarious deeds against the Obama.

No one individual in either party began any earlier or with more intensity to start campaigning for the 2012 Presidential Election than Mr. Obama after the inauguration and to the exclusion of his attention to critical issues of our country. Mr. Obama conducted 164 fundraising events just in the last half of his term. This does not count short trips to Camp David, New York City and other short duration travel trips to meet with campaign fundraisers and campaign Staff.

In addition, Obama found the time to spend 61 vacation days on 16 vacations during his first 31 months in office. This also does not include all his golf games that are too numerous for me to research for this article.

Mr. Carter goes on to state that he is looking for "unity" from the parties during the hard fought political campaign to elect the president of the U.S. He goes on to say: "We'll sing "Kumbaya"in January once the winners have punished the losers for daring to think differently."

What a sad and negative view of the political process in our country. Our politicians, office holders, and statesman are after all people, and as such, have human frailties as we all do but most are good people of faith, principles and are patriots.

Mr. Carter goes on to attack Congressman Paul Ryan and say: "I personally believe the economic plans advocated by Ryan and embraced by Romney would be a disaster for most Americans." Anyone who has factual knowledge of the Ryan Budget would not hold the position of Mr. Carter. There has been an unceasing negative promotion on TV warning of terrible results from a Ryan Budget which are all based on falsehoods and fictitious situations.

I wrote a column on April 12, 2012 entitled "Ryan Budget Returns to Founding Principles" in which I gave a summary of the major points of the Budget and explained that No one 55 years old and older will be affected by this plan.

I provided the link to access the actual budget and implored everyone to at least read the introduction where Paul Ryan summarizes and outlines his plan. I don't believe that Mr. Carter has read the Ryan Budget.

I believe that class warfare has been used as a device to attract certain voting groups by selling the idea that someone got something unfairly that they didn't deserve. This is a terrible injustice to everyone it touches.

I have an unfailing confidence in the strength of the American citizenry to see the truth and essence of issues, make the right decisions and uphold the principles of our Founding Fathers.

William Perugino is active in local and regional politics and can be reached at