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The splendid little town of Porterdale
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When I was growing up in Porterdale, we had Christmas programs with folks singing all the Christmas carols in the gym. There was a huge tree in the center of the floor. It was a beautiful site.

I remember getting to pack the boxes we would receive from the Bibb Manufacturing Company. We loved the job. Of course, most of us loved the fact that we’d get out of class to do this.

We would be the first to get to see the boxes and the contents. Their contents included fruits, bags of hard candy and candy canes.

The tree in the middle of the gym floor was fantastic and beautiful. Robert Thompson would put the tree up and lights, and also light the star on the water tank.

The city still carries on the star tradition and I love it.

Once, several boys, thinking to have a good time, climbed the water tank and threw the lights down. I won’t divulge the names of these young men. I guess what happens in Porterdale stays in Porterdale.

We certainly enjoyed the Porterdale Christmas parade this year. I think it is getting bigger and better every year. Thanks to all who made it possible.

May all former families of Porterdale and those who live there today be blessed during this holiday season and the upcoming New Year.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

Thanks, y’all,