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The saintly and people like me
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It's hard enough having one columnist in the house, but imagine the situation over here in McCoy-land. I'm in my fourth year with my humor column - Pecan Pie for the Mind - and my wife - Jan McCoy - is on her second year with her religion column. Our kids duck and cover when they see us, for fear of becoming next week's humorous anecdote or sermon topic. And consider the residents of Covington, where both our columns run in The Covington News. Imagine the trauma that ensues when some devout little lady is looking for "that sweet McCoy's column" and comes across one of my biting pieces bemoaning society's love for the banal, or berating us all for the poor state of our kitchen skills. Imagine looking for a kind message from a caring preacher and coming across this old joker's ramblings.

Such is life around here. We both have deadlines that keep us up late, and we both enjoy seeing our words in print. Jan chooses to see the good in people and write about God's love in an upbeat and uplifting style. She's a minister; that's her calling. I'm not a minister; I'm just a sarcastic trouble-maker who likes to pull the loose thread in society's fancy pants and watch ‘em fall. As I often say, "Jan's out to save your soul; I'm out to tickle it." She's certainly capable of humor - she made a lot of folks laugh when she married me.
And I'm certainly capable of holding a Christian viewpoint in my column. I don't cuss; I don't glorify evil; and I don't let the bad guys win. I

I'm just a lot more subtle with my evangelizing.
And I am an evangelist. I'm just not a traditional one. I want my columns to be uplifting and point toward God, but I don't come out and quote St. Peter, or zip through Leviticus. And that's okay.
God's smart enough to know that some people belong in the pulpit and the nursing homes and the mission fields, preaching, teaching and caring for souls. He knows that others belong in stores, music clubs, gyms, and sports arenas where they can meet the mass of souls who don't go to church.

And for some of us...well - we belong in the newspapers where we can make you giggle with a silly story and an uplifting message.

David McCoy, a notorious storyteller and proud Yellow Jacket, lives in Covington and can be reached at