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Rowe: 'Never say Never'
Beth Rowe

I have a confession to make so what better way to come clean and get it out in the open?  My pastor constantly reminds us to ‘be careful what comes out of your mouth’ (and what goes into it as well). Boy did he ever hit the nail on the head with that one! He and God must have a supernatural connection because not only does Pastor Darrell say the right words, but, when he grabs your attention and catches your eye, you know you better listen up.  I don’t know whats worse—your Pastor touching a nerve or your Momma or Grandma pinching your arms during church service to make you behave and pay attention. You mean that happened to you, too? My little granddaughter wasn’t too fond of it either but that's part of my job as Grandma and I think it hurt me more than it did her.

I also recall them warning me many times to ‘never say never’ and it took a while to sink in, but, after a few whippings, it didn’t take long at all.  Before I go any further let me clarify something—my two brothers and I were pretty good kids for the most part. Momma referred to us as ‘little angels’ several times but she doesn't remember that (but that's only natural cause her memory keeps slipping away as she gets older, bless her heart)and I ain’t just saying that cause Mother’s Day is coming up. I can only speak for myself, but,  I swore I’d never fail another test, skip school, or lie about my whereabouts and who I was hanging out with and I kept my word—that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it.

I’m glad those days are long behind me, but those three words can still prove stronger and harder to put into action, even as an adult. Remember your Momma & Daddy telling you as a child “You’ve got it made and don’t even realize it”?  In the real world, circumstances and situations can knock you back and make you feel like a child again, but, you get back up, dust yourself off and move on with a little more determination. There’s nothing wrong with that though because its a natural and necessary part of life, a little thing called lessons learned and

I’m reminded of it every time I hear that song by Tracy Lawrence-- ‘Oh, lessons learned and they sure run deep they don’t go away and they don’t come cheap.’

Situations and circumstances from the last several years left me saying ‘never again’ to several things . . .

- Never ride a roller coaster.

- Never drive in downtown Atlanta, anytime.

- Never let another man into my life.

- Never get remarried.

I was pretty adamant about those things and then one day that all changed with a set of the bluest eyes, prettiest smile and biggest heart you ever saw. All those ‘lessons learned’ went right out the window and I was

I’ve been learning some ‘new lessons’ and I have to hand it to old ‘Price Charming’ --he’s perfected his way of tricking me into saying yes, sometimes, but not all the time mind you. (after all he is the natural blonde and not me).  I thought I’d never fall in love again, let alone remarry, or give up my morning biscuits for power smoothies, commit to working out in a gym every day for several hours or pull up roots and move to another state. . .but I can easily be talked into some things when it’s preceded by “Honey, Darling or Sweetheart” and a smile.  Some things take a little more convincing before I give in, but, there’s still a few I’ll never bend on—like jumping out of an airplane, taking illegal drugs or holding a snake—and you can bank on that.

Beth Rowe is a columnist who sees the world around her and tells it like it is. She may be reached at