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PIEDRAHITA: Thanksgiving 2020 is one for the ages
Dorothy Piedrahita
Dorothy Piedrahita

Is Thanksgiving a myth? The traditional story to many Americans may not be accepted. However, Thanksgiving 2020 will be one historians will write about. In years to come, adults and children will never forget it. Let’s face it. Thanksgiving will be different! There will be homeless and hungry people. Men still will go hunting, as my uncles used to do when I was a small child. Families will gather. People will carry on. Is there a green light we can follow? Yes, maybe!

Every day that passes, we grow concerned. It makes no difference what you believe. We are living with COVID-19. I worry each minute of the day about my family and myself.

Let me see if I can take your mind away for a few seconds and make a detour to a land far away. 

A long, long time ago, there was a sci-fi television show called “Star Trek.” I am a Trekkie. Remember these words “Beam me up?” 

We are living in times of “Star Trek.” Many of us will use iPhones and Zoom to celebrate with our loved ones on Thanksgiving in our quest to be normal. These aren’t normal times. 

The world has seen pandemics before.

Some of us lived through Poliomyelitis, commonly known as Polio, which mostly affected children. I was a child volunteer. Mother asked me to help organize my friends. The effort went so well. It was a success!

I have my thoughts, like everyone reading my words — words matter! 

I am sad. 

Families are grieving for their loved ones. There will be an empty chair at the dining room table.

I will not be with my family. My soon-to-be daughter-in-law learned to make apple butter. She even picked her own apples in north Georgia. She is proud of herself. I am proud for her. It would have been amazing to see her eyes as she serves her apple butter personally. But we will be home with our parrots and Spike, our Doberman Pinscher, longing to be with our family. But staying home is where we will be.

I will be one of those mothers at home on Thanksgiving Day, face-timing with my family.

I will look at family pictures and remember my past — I recall eating our mother’s German chocolate cake. Our mother wasn’t a great cook, but she baked only one cake: a German chocolate cake. We owned our pecan trees. 

It is my understanding, my son and his fiancé have ordered a German chocolate cake, and I can’t wait to taste a slice. Hopefully, they will bring me a slice.

Now, it’s time for my Thanksgiving story for 2020:

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived for holidays. She baked the same sized turkey each year. Her back hurts sometimes. She uses rub, which cools her pain. 

Her husband always helped her when he was home. He’s in the military. She has grown accustomed to him being away for holidays. They are parents of seven children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. 

There was a big box delivered to her home. It looked heavy. She opened it, and found her retired husband inside. 

So, she wouldn’t be alone. Her love had come home to be with her for Thanksgiving 2020.

Although, you may not  be with your loved ones physically on Thanksgiving Day,  be thankful you are safe and healthy. It will be tough for some families. But Thanksgiving is one day.

Maybe by Christmas families will be able to celebrate together. Then you get those big hugs and kisses. 

Hope should always be front and center in your life.

Stay safe and healthy. 

Dorothy Piedrahita is a Covington resident who has worked as an activist and in government and business throughout her career.