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PIEDRAHITA: Cherish creative Christmas memories
Dorothy Piedrahita
Dorothy Piedrahita

It is possible to laugh December 2020.  Let’s see if it is possible for us to smile and make merry! Here is a request.  Why not we make an  “ugly sweather” for Christmas? Why don’t we indulge in frivolities and create one.

I haven’t made or worn one myself. Let your imagination run wild. I am ready for a bit of laughter. After your creation is put together, send a picture to The Covington News. I can’t wait to see them. Laughter and smiles are good for our souls.  That’s what Christmas is about.

We have decorated our tree. Our Christmas decorations include the bedrooms, kitchen, doors, Spike’s dog kennel, our bird cages, laundry room and garage.

I get leisure seeing the beautiful colors of the season. When I was Meals-On-Wheels Coordinator for Senior Services of Atlanta, the volunteers looked forward to making Santa Claus stocking and wreath for the seniors. We included the crafts with meals delivered in December. Stockings and wreaths are easy to make.

Parents and children in Newton County should enjoy those projects as well as others. Like Christmas Star cards. While children have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. I don’t think so! Newton County children dream about iPads, Shadow Fighter, a new phone and the old standards  bicycles and dolls. My great grandson is too young to know what he wants, but he knows what he likes. I have seen his home. It is decorated like a winter snow land. My granddaughter has done an amazing job.

Candles of frankincense and myrrh and festive motifs on the tree, tree skirt wreaths, stockings are what I see when I open my front door. This year our tree is more country. I am using dried fruits slices, straw baskets, pinecones of different sizes. I placed berries from bushes from out doors.  I just felt more “naturale” this season.

We can all have a magnificent Noel. By the way, my great grandson’s middle name is Noel.

Smile, although we are wearing face masks. Maybe wear a Christmas mask. Show people you meet you aren’t a scrooge.

The sights and sounds of Christmas are all around us. Our excitement is growing! Can’t you feel it? Cherish each moment of the season. Be hopeful and love one another. It’s the time to be jolly.

It is time to unpack ornaments of Christmases past. Read those Christmas cards from old friends.

I can’t forget the new little ones who were born in 2020. Their first Christmas will never come again. Dress your new child, twins or triplets in christmassy outfits.

Our father was part of a triplet set. He was born on New Year’s Day in 1918.

If you haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit, there’s still time. Hopefully the magical holiday anticipation will hit you.

Dorothy Piedrahita is a Covington resident who has worked as an activist and in government and business throughout her career.