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Occupy Wall Street and expensive farce
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The Occupy Wall Street movement is moving into its third month across the country. While the original goals of the group may have had a bit of merit, their tactics and stubborn refusal to work with those they attack and to seek real solutions exhibits their true colors, anarchy and destruction. 

The original OWS groups apparently had no leadership, just a combination of unhappy, spoiled students, unreconstructed 1960s radicals and other malcontents who saw an opportunity to disrupt commerce and the daily routines of those around them. They said corporations are evil while texting away, using laptop computers, cell phones, and every other modern convenience their parents had given them, all produced by corporations.

Liberal media pundits have said on many occasions that the OWS and Tea Party rallies are very similar. They ignore the fact that there has never been a recorded rape, death, instance of drug abuse, window smashing or other criminal act associated with the Tea Party movement. Nor were there any cases of disease, theft, public defecation or attacks on the police at any Tea Party rallies. While Tea Party participants have been recorded singing our national anthem, OWS participants have been recorded using the most foul and vulgar language openly and without any hesitation, men and women alike. There is even a confirmed case of Boston OWS participants spitting on a uniformed female Coast Guard officer walking by on her way to work.

Let's take a look at who has publicly expressed support for the Occupy movement. A long line of America-hating groups have offered verbal reinforcement including the American Communist Party, American Nazi Party, the governments of Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam, George Soros, the billionaire Nazi collaborator, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Klansman David Duke, the American Socialist Party, and the original Black Panther Party. 

 Not to be outdone, our own president has expressed sympathy with their goals, as have our vice president, many congressional leftists and the mayors of many American cities, including Michael Bloomberg of New York and Kasim Reed of Atlanta. The mayors are becoming less supportive now that these thugs have cost their cities hundreds of thousands of dollars, their police have been attacked, storefronts vandalized and businesses hurt. Not a single city had any sort of behavior problems with Tea Party rallies.

I would remind those who sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street protesters that Wall Street has been shut down before. It shut down on Oct. 29, 1929, and stayed virtually out of business for 15 years. The resulting depression nearly destroyed our economy and country. Is that the goal now? I suspect it is.

Nor is occupying land is a new concept. These spoiled, America-hating protesters should visit any national cemetery to see land already being occupied by many more thousands than they count in their numbers. Every single veteran occupying these cemeteries died to give protesters the right to assemble peacefully to redress grievances, not to destroy this country and the freedom they died for.

 Americans are sick and tired of this expensive farce called OWS. Go home, take a bath, work on language skills that don‘t include the most vulgar words in the language, get a job and start paying your own bills. Ninety-nine percent of us are tired of your tantrums and demands.


John Douglas is a retired state senator from Newton County. He was chairman of the Georgia Senate committee on Veterans, Military and Homeland Security for six years. He can be reached at