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Massie: Show up and protest
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Last Saturday, I happened to be driving by the Hilton off International Drive, where the Obamas were scheduled to regale wounded veterans moments after their limousine pulled up to the venue. You can imagine my surprise (and nausea).

Thanks to my trusty smart phone I was able to learn why we were being graced with his presence. It turned out that he was also accompanied by his wife and was in town to address a veterans group.

My first question was what veterans’ group in their right mind would invite them to their convention? I was even more stunned to find out it was a convention for disabled veterans.

I wasn’t surprised, however, to learn that he had laid out a five-point plan to help returning and retiring veterans (even while millions of veterans are being denied and/or delayed benefits). Blathering about his plan du jour is the one thing he is good at. He loves to hear himself make empty promises he has no intention of keeping.

That said, it’s a safe bet that he didn’t discuss with the disabled veterans in attendance the fact that many veterans are now having illnesses and injuries redefined, which impacts their ability to receive the prompt care they deserve. I’m sure he didn’t discuss that family members are denied input in the treatment of certain emotional illnesses afflicting our service people. But he did continue with his pathological lies.

He told the group of disabled veterans that those of us revealing the truth that Obamacare will adversely impact military personnel, and, specifically veterans and their benefits, were "spreading misinformation." He swore that veteran benefits would not be affected by Obamacare.

This is the same man who publicly accused us of spreading misinformation when we said that under Obamacare we would not be able to keep our own doctors, that there would be death panels, that illegals would be fully covered, and that the cost of coverage would increase exponentially. He dismissed as lies the other things we proved he was lying about pursuant to Obamacare — including that he wouldn’t force doctors and hospitals who objected to abortion to perform same when, in fact, that’s exactly what Obamacare calls for.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. As we approached the intersection, we observed a group of people (I presumed to be a tea party group) with signs protesting his arrival and challenging him to tell why he allowed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty to be murdered in Benghazi by purposefully refusing to lift a finger to help them.

There should have been a hundred times as many people protesting him as he arrived. I don’t know how well the group of people was able to get the word out, but I applaud them for taking the initiative to show up.

The left gave people a few dollars. a bag lunch, and bussed people to protest President Bush. Finding out Obama’s schedule in advance is not difficult. We should stage demonstrations at every public appearance he makes. We should demonstrate, demanding justice for Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, who were murdered by his illegal gun-running operation Fast and Furious (and do not think for a moment Eric Holder undertook Fast and Furious without Obama’s blessing).

We should protest at every appearance he makes, demanding the truth about Benghazi.

Had I been aware that a group was going to protest his arrival, I would have personally contacted them to show up. During the 1960s and early 1970s, Presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter were met with protests wherever they went. And the protests worked.

Malevolent communist groups took over Central Park and the streets of New York for months to protest Wall Street. Am I to believe we cannot organize and get a few hundred people or more out to protest at his every appearance?

Sending emails to one another (many of which contain information that is inaccurate and untrue) is not enough.

We need to organize and show up publicly. The media can only ignore such protests for so long. And more importantly, it will put pressure on the elected to hold him accountable.

This is not a laborious undertaking. He is not in public every weekend. But whenever and wherever he is in public, we should be there.

This is a simple action we can take along with the other actions I have offered designed to bring pressure to bear on him and feckless elected officials.

I have said it before, and so I say now. We should learn from Europe and the extreme left-wingers in America how to show up and protest. It is as much our civic duty as is voting.


Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its’ parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at