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Massie: Be very afraid, especially for your children
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On July 1, 2014, I wrote a syndicated column titled “What If Terrorists Used Infectious Diseases.” I postulated that America is being placed in mortal danger as illegal aliens, to which I specifically add the tens of thousands of illegal alien children, are flooding our borders.

I wrote: “It is a fact that no one, not government nor otherwise can begin to quantify the danger we face from disease born by illegal aliens. Illegals coming from third world countries are not the rich and well educated who were able to seek healthcare in their country of origin. They are the least educated and the poorest. And let there be no question they are infected disease carriers. But, the government won’t tell us that. Foolish and misguided Americans are blind to the terror, i.e., the illegals, they are advocating have a right to be rewarded with citizenship for breaking our sovereign laws. They ignorantly fancy themselves as showing ‘divine love’ when in reality they are sentencing their communities to untold potential misery.”

Not surprisingly, liberals accused me of hate-mongering; they argued that “as a black man, I should understand the discrimination” these illegals are facing and that I should be more empathetic.

Even misguided wannabe Conservatives railed against me. Their argument being, that as church-goers, we should want to help these “poor children.”

I stood my ground without apology, explaining that the United States is being placed at serious risk even if terrorists did not launch such an attack. Not that I take any solace in being right, but I was proven to be spot on in my concerns and postulation.

On Wednesday, July 16th, I received a briefing report titled “Rush the Border of the United States” prepared by my good friend and colleague, Dr. Lyle Rapacki.

The second point in Dr. Rapacki’s report reads: “The now nationally discussed medical fears are beginning to manifest. Reports by Border Patrol facilities holding illegal children and military bases used likewise, now report strong cases, and quickly spreading cases of pneumonia, TB, scabies, parasitic diseases not even seen previously in America, sexually transmitted diseases, severe swine flu. Isolated for now, cases of polio are reported in Southern states. A Navy base in San Diego has been forced to seal a portion of the base due to severe pneumonia by illegal children. Just today, reports are beginning to reach the light of day of leprosy cases in New York and other severe skin diseases from illegal children dropped off in that city. We have not even begun to see the health challenges awaiting us from these third-world children, and when school opens in a month, their co-mingling will create potential nightmares given that most of these diseases have a 30-45 day incubation period, which should expire about the time of the school season. For the many who will probably not even see a school door, they will be turned loose (many already have been released into America), and their hygiene and general mind-set of participating in society will not match the cultural values of our country, nor will they care. In the small community of Oracle, Arizona, citizens are alarmed that the inbound illegal children are sick, not being properly screened or treated and will become a burden to their community, not to mention if they require medical treatment and are taken to the community health facility, what transmitted diseases will be taken to the health facility with the host? Will the community now become at health risk? Who will pay for these treatments, or the results of contamination?”

If that doesn’t give you cause for concern, what will? As if on cue liberals accused me of fear-mongering, to which I say, they are absolutely right! I am raising the specter of fear. Someone sure has to. The media isn’t. The politicians aren’t. And the Obama government is bullying people into silence about this threat.

The diseases from infected illegal children flooding across our borders raises the very real threat (read eventuality) of diseases on epidemic levels heretofore unseen in America. And Obama’s response is to taunt Congress and play golf.
Our children will be attending classes with infected children. Our hospitals and restaurants are employing infected illegals. Prisons are becoming incubation chambers of disease as more infected illegals are arrested and incarcerated with unsuspecting inmates — inmates who will themselves become infected and released at some point back into society.

Having read this, you are free to call me a fear monger as well; but when your family member becomes infected, remember who it was that warned you. And with that said, remember that the mainstream media, which functions as the bureau of agitprop for Obama and politicians on both sides of the aisle, failed to say anything at all.
Politicians, specifically Republicans, are pushing amnesty upon us fully knowing that they are placing our country at eminent risk. The question we should be asking is why our federal government would knowingly do this to us?

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at