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Hice: Do more to keep our airways safer
House passes bill to assess risk in assigning air marshals
Hice Talks Marshals
In a screen grab from C-SPAN, Rep. Jody Hice discusses his bill to use risk analysis to determine the best places to use federal air marshals during deliberation in Congress in 2018.

WASHINGTON — While there have been vast improvements to our aviation security since the horrific terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, our adversaries continue to target commercial aviation and are aggressively pursuing innovative methods to execute their attacks.

Back in 2016, I learned an alarming fact: The U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service — which does a lot to keep us safe — does not factor in risk when deploying marshals onto flights.

It’s clear there’s more that can be done to ensure these crucial safety officers are where they ought to be in order to best protect us. Our national security and airplane safety are just too important not to use every means possible to safeguard and defend American citizens.

That’s why I’m pleased that my bill, House Resolution 4467, the Strengthening Aviation Security Act, sailed through the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously this week. This simple, yet important, measure will require that FAMS use both quantitative and qualitative risk-based evaluations to determine where its federal law enforcement officers are placed. 

Through my bill, we are one step closer to reducing the risks we all face as airline passengers. The measure will also require that comprehensive threat assessments are conducted and that Congress is provided with documented reports of its methodology.

In order to best deter, detect, and disrupt any threats against our nation’s citizens and airplanes, we must minimize vulnerabilities and maximize security initiatives.

My number one priority as your representative in Congress is ensuring the safety and security of every American citizen. I strongly believe that this bill is the next step toward preventing future attacks that turn airplanes into weapons of war. Our nation faces many threats, and measures, like this one, that defend our homeland against our enemies are critical.

Jody Hice, a Republican from Greensboro, represents Georgia’s 10th District in Congress. Online: