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Government cant provide without taxes
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Mort Ewing and Tim Fleming, members of the Newton County Board of Commissioners, are reported to have said, that no one has asked them to raise their taxes. Maybe, but to me, that's asking the wrong question.

The question should be this: Do you want fewer services from the county?

Services that even with a millage increase, will cost you less than they did last year?

Let's see, same services for less money, even with a millage increase?

That sounds like a no-brainer to me.

County residents recently approved more taxes themselves. They don't have a fear of the words "tax increase."
That is more than can be said for some commissioners. Government can't provide services without taxes. It just isn't possible to tax the fellow behind that tree and not me. Taxes of necessity fall on us, the people who are enjoying the services.

Services and taxes are linked together. Services are what made Newton County a place where people want to live.
Where businesses want to locate.

Where families want to raise children.

But all that depends on the dreaded "taxes," and in this case, a "tax increase."

A tax increase that leaves us paying less than last year.
Contact your commissioners:

Mort Ewing: (770) 786-5006

Tim Fleming: email at

J.C. Henderson: (770) 866-3621

Nancy Schulz: email at

Lanier Sims: (770) 883-7449

Kathy Morgan: (678) 625-1201

Call to say: "Same services as last year, increase the millage rate." A personal visit with the same message would not hurt, either.

Patrick Durusau is a Covington resident whose columns run on Fridays.