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Going where angels fear to tread ...
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My recent column titled "What White Intellectuals Are Afraid To Admit" generated quite a lot of debate. In fact, it created a maelstrom. There were people who either missed my point or refused to understand it, as well as those who simply disagreed.

First of all, regarding the white intellectuals I was referencing, I identify them as the college and university professors, program hosts, and the talking heads who appear on their shows. These are the people who pontificate about topics that are easy to score points with and make the speaker appear bold.

It’s easy to point to the school drop-out rate, disintegrating families, unemployment, abortion rates, crime and incarceration rates of black people because they are hot-button topics. It’s like the team captain or coach shouting. "We’re going to win!" at a pep rally. Of course, everyone cheers. We all know that the problems I listed above are genuine and must be addressed. But I argue they are symptoms of the much deeper problem that white liberals will deny, white conservatives will flee from, and the so-called intellectuals do not have the guts to speak out about. Even those blacks who are voicing the concerns mentioned above are unwilling (save a select few) and have no interest in addressing the real core issues. So that leaves me because I am willing to go where angels fear to tread.

The deeper core problem that only a select few are willing to address is that America (as we know it) cannot survive as a divided nation of two distinct and divergent groups of people intent on deriving oppositional benefits from the same government.

Those of us who embrace "nationality over individual ethnicity" understand that we are all Americans, and, as such, segregating and/or compartmentalizing concerns based on skin color is counterproductive to the whole of America.

Those who embrace "ethnicity over nationality" believe government should cater and conform to them based on the color of their skin born out of guilt (specifically white guilt) pursuant to injustices of the past and perceived and/or invented grievances of today.

Many people have told me that when their families came here generations ago it was important for them to assimilate into American culture. But today Neo-Leninist anarchists would have us believe that America benefits only from ethnicity masquerading as diversity and that assimilation as we knew it was wrong. That’s quasi-true if you’re talking about ethnic restaurants, but it is a damnable heterodoxy that espouses a separate and distinct group of people.

Which brings me back to blacks. Black people have come to be viewed as a subset of the whole to such an extent that people are unaware they have subscribed to and adopted it as fact.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, segregative language and mentality have become accepted and defended norms.

The problems that Bill O’Reilly and others point to are viewed as problems in "the black community"; they are viewed as "black problems." I say they aren’t black problems, but American problems.

I argue that when we view them as American problems, it allows us to focus on them with a holistic approach, not an approach of what is best for a particular ethnicity. Viewing things through the prism of what is best for a particular ethnicity is what brought us the discrimination of race-based affirmative action whereby one form of prejudice was replaced with another.

America can only survive as, "One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all." It cannot survive as a divided nation with color-coded liberties and justice. America cannot survive with a government that is expected to cater to specific needs of people based on ethnicity, juxtaposed to what is best for the people of America as a whole.

America as a nation is comprised of Americans. Period.

But along came Neo-Leninist elements that saw the political and monetary value of having two Americas striving based on ethnicity versus nationality. And I contend that it is these Neo-Leninist elements who have, with patience and cunning, transmogrified us into a perpetual battleground where one group is called upon to make accommodations to another based solely on color of skin.

I argue that as long as we allow, encourage, and defend the disaffection of people under the guise of pride in ethnicity, we will never be able to address the issues I listed in the beginning, because even though they exist among us as a whole, they will be viewed only as a color-coded concern.

Now you tell me: How many of those I identify as white intellectuals have the guts and/or interest in saying what I just did? For that matter, how many Americans in total have the guts or the interest?

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its’ parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at