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Feeling insecure about the TSA
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Have you noticed we are becoming like the Taliban?

First, facts don’t trouble us.

The Transportation Security Administration has yet to stop a single terrorist.

You read that right, not one.

Even so, the TSA assures us that the "terrorist threat" is real.

If terrorists are everywhere, you would think even the TSA would have run across at least one by now.

But we are supposed to have faith that the threat is real and subject ourselves to various outrages in the name of security.

Second, those "real" threats are resulting in people (not us) making money.

Remember the "fake" Taliban leader in secret negotiations with the United States? Was he paid for his troubles?

Same is true for the TSA. Friends of the staff running the TSA are making money hand over fist. The TSA people you see milling about the airport are getting paid as well, to grope women and children.

The TSA must be hiring a lot of ex-sex offenders.

Third, the Taliban is ineffectual.

Remember Abdulmutallab, the guy who set his pants on fire?

The TSA is groping children when cargo (the most likely place for a bomb) is ignored.

How is that for looking in the wrong places?

Fourth, and this is the saddest one, the Taliban and TSA share a complete disregard for women and children.

The Taliban stones women for not wearing proper clothing.

The TSA mistreats women and children in ways that should not be tolerated.

The time has come to put an end to the Taliban Security Agency. It has not, does not and will not make us secure.