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Durusau: Taxation is not evil
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There are a number of undisputed facts in the current debt ceiling debate.

First, both Republicans and Democrats have for years spent deficit money in their states.
You can probably name a couple of military bases here in Georgia, voted for by our conservative Republican representatives and senators. And other federal spending, like the federal prison in downtown Atlanta.

The call for a balanced budget has been and always will be political rhetoric.
Governments spend money to create jobs, and when the economy picks up, pays at least some of it back. Government spending is an economic management tool.
On average, 42 percent of us vote in congressional elections. So our "representatives" on either side of the current debate were elected by just over 21 percent of the voting population. For the math challenged, that means 78 percent of the population is not being represented in this debate.
The right-wing side in the House has confused morality with not compromising in political discussions.
This isn't a prom date situation. Politics are the art of the possible, not the moral.
Medicare, Social Security, federal retirements (including for former elected or appointed officials) and military spending (an entitlement program for defense contractors and local military bases) cannot continue as presently written.
Taxation, which is at an all time low, cannot support essential government services both to business and general populace.
Taxation is not evil, outside of comic book views of economics.
Taxes are going to have to be simplified and increased.
It is time for an American president to face down the anti-tax fanatics as well as welfare tank and Cadillac types to forge a new economic consensus for all Americans.