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Communication breakdown
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"What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate," said the warden of the rural Georgia prison as he stood looming over Luke, the prisoner who he had just knocked into a ditch.

The warden was trying to communicate that he was in charge. The movie was "Cool Hand Luke."

Near the end of the movie, the warden and his men caught Luke at a church after his third escape attempt. Luke went to the window and yelled out to those surrounding him, "What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate."

They shot him in the neck.

The prison represented an unfair system of justice, and Luke wanted freedom. He would die before he would give up his dream.

We have our own current "failure to communicate." The people have been clear about their expectations, and the administration has not been listening.

At its core, this failure is about the fundamental understanding of how our country was founded and should work.

Monday, President Barack Obama said, "I’m going to be interested in hearing ideas from my Republican colleagues, as well as Democrats, about how we continue to grow the economy and how we put people back to work."

He believes that the government puts people back to work. Government can transfer wealth from one group to another, but more often than not, the government gets in the way of putting people back to work.

I’m unsure how more government is going to create more jobs, but I know how government can make it hard and costly for people to run businesses.

Obama continued Monday, "Today I’m proposing a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal workers." He’s about two years too late. Most of my friends have had their pay frozen, cut or eliminated in the past two years. Glad Obama thinks it’s time for the government to join the rest of us.

He wraps up with, "Because if there’s anything the American people said this month, it’s that they want their leaders to have one single focus: Making sure their work is rewarded so that the American Dream remains within their reach. It would be unwise to assume they prefer one way of thinking over another."

His comment reveals his belief that the government is in control of making sure that the American people are rewarded for their work.

This is very different from the underlying beliefs of our Founding Fathers and great national leaders.

God gave rights to individuals, people loan them to the government. The government is subservient to the people.

If Obama administration officials understood the fundamentals of our country’s structure, they would understand that taxes are not the government’s revenue, but the people’s expense.

Today we have government officials who believe that people need more entitlements so they tax other people more. This is not creating wealth, this is simply wealth redistribution.

Our government is given rights from the people. The government is not in charge, but simply loaned rights from those they govern.

What we have is a failure to communicate.


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