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California shows country how not to govern
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The outpouring of raw hatred and unbridled ignorance that I received in Twitter messages and emails after my recent appearance on the "Dr. Phil Show" had me asking, "What would America be like if these types governed?"

Then I reminded myself that major portions of the country are being run by their kind.

Consider California. There is no better example of a failed, liberal, politically correct, socialist state than California. The only thing the "Golden State" is succeeding in is causing residents and businesses to flee while it welcomes a succession of illegal aliens..

California has no remedy for the lost tax dollars and/or the viable, job-producing businesses being driven out due to onerous government/political restrictions and an unrelenting tax burden. Nor does California have a remedy to provide for the millions of illegal aliens squatting within the state.

That said, if you are a person of means who feels guilty for being same, then California is the place to be.

Some may choose to disagree with me, but financially, California is in no better shape than Detroit (better climate notwithstanding).

California, New York, Michigan, Chicago, and Philadelphia, Pa., are among the most visible examples of the inmates running the asylum. Calling me names and threatening me with death doesn’t change the fact that what the California liberal Marxist types are proposing and supporting doesn’t work.

If it did, California, New York and Chicago would be shining examples of financial stability and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you are fortunate enough to have substantial financial wherewithal, you could pretty much live where you choose, and allowing that your tax attorneys and accountants were doing their jobs, you could get along nicely on what was left after you had paid taxes on the percentage of income that was left exposed. But, who looks after those making $50,000 or less per year?

The greatest good in society in America is not achieved by government expansion, government intrusion, or by socialism, which has been a proven failure everywhere it has been imposed, including California.

The greater good of and for America was born in the hearts and minds of our Founding Fathers, who understood that less government was better government.

Whether you attribute the quotation, "Psychological disorder is any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation" to George Kelly, in his book on "Personal Construct Theory," or not, I agree with Kelly: Repeating the same thing failure after failure is a psychological disorder. It is also an abuse of power since it is nearly always the government – urged on by radical extremists of one order or another – that is able to pass laws and then find a court to uphold same at the expense of the people both monetarily and vis-à-vis the stripping away of our Constitutional rights.

But entities like those who voiced their disapproval of my opening comments on Dr. Phil, refuse to consider the laws of unintended consequences. Instead they formulate from a myopathy of rage-filled illogic.

And it is precisely that myopic, rage-filled illogic that allows necrophagous political operators who feed on dead minds to turn America away from that which made her the greatest nation in the world.

Those who threatened me and called me names did nothing to enhance their own positions. And they certainly did nothing to elevate themselves.

My late grandmother used to say, "If you cannot make your point without cursing and shouting, you have no point." Government encroachment and the spread of liberal socialism are distasteful miens that are proven failures.

But, rather than admit that Constructionism, Free-Market Capitalism, individual rights, and "In God We Trust" are key to a healthy society, they would rather circumvent and attempt to institute that which has never and will never work.

Higher taxes will not create more jobs or help the homeless and the starving. The lessening of police authority, while a good thing for the criminally minded, is not conducive to a safe and secure environment.Discouraging competition in the classroom by doing away with exams and minimizing the importance of correct answers is not elevating the educational standards of our students.

And throwing more money at teachers is a proven failure for classroom achievement, as well. Overtaxing legal products like cigarettes results in a loss of tax revenue, not an increase. The advancement of open homosexuality does nothing to uplift or strengthen the family – it does just the opposite.

Everything I’ve said is verifiable statistically. But, here again, is evidence of the psychological disorder that is the politically correct, liberal, socialist pathology. In their minds, success is measured by the institution of their failed agendas, not how well they actually work.

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at