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BRIDGES: Sights and sounds of fall return
Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges

September has arrived and like magic the turning of the calendar instantly conjures up images of fall.

Last week I found a new edition of a magazine in my mailbox which spotlights the outdoors and the cover was truly breathtaking. Snapped in the Ozarks, the picture was bright with every fall color one could imagine. Yellow. Orange. Brown.  Red. Every color associated with fall symbolically jumped off the cover, helped by being printed on high gloss paper.

For myself, I actually put up my outside fall decorations in recent days. I know fall is not officially here yet, but we are close enough.

While I am a fan of summer, by the time we reach September there is usually a longing for fall. Most of us enjoy seeing the fall colors, especially those seen in the North Georgia mountains and beyond. There’s something mentally recharging about seeing the scenes of the new season.

For many of us, the start of fall means the start of a new football season. From high school to college to the pro ranks, the countdown to a new gridiron season goes hand-in-hand with counting down to fall.

High school football season, it should be noted, starts way too early now. Games in mid-August make no sense and put players at a greater degree of injury – from dehydration if nothing else. High school football should not begin until the first week of September. The earlier and earlier starts to seasons needed to be stopped.

The arrival of fall will mean plenty of festivals and other outdoor events which can be enjoyed more since the weather is not on the extreme side.

Some of my favorite childhood recollections were attending fall events at my school including football games, fall festivities and other functions. The best events were always the ones which took place outside after the summer heat had finally broken.

Many people I know enjoy use]ing the changing of the seasons to make treks to Tallulah Gorge or Helen or even Cherokee, N.C. or Gatlinburg, Tenn. I’ve been to all of these destinations and hope one day to return.

When we are younger the arrival of fall also means the start of a countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is probably the ultimate fall holiday as it signals the pinnacle of the season.

Another benefit of fall is seeing the effort many people put into decorations for their homes and yards. From hay bales to pumpkins to nicely designed door wreaths, decorating for fall is probably second only to Christmas.

Fall, to me, has always been good for replenishing the body and soul. Hopefully it does the same for you. It’s funny how the simple date on a calendar (this all occurred to me last week as we reached Sept. 1) can help change your state of mind.

I’ll see you at the football field or maybe a festival or two. Hopefully I won’t get lost in a corn maze. Even if I do, it will still be enjoyable to take in the sights, sounds and bright colors of fall.

Chris Bridges is a former sports editor of The Walton Tribune and The Covington News. He welcomes feedback about this column at