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BRIDGES: A full month of giving thanks
Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges

November, probably more so than any other month, conjures thoughts of fall, family and being thankful. With it being on many people’s minds as Thanksgiving arrives for another year, I thought it would be a good time to offer thanks for things both serious and not-so-serious.

Some people enjoy posting each day during November for what they are thankful for. I prefer a one-time bundle. With that in mind for November 2021 I am thankful for:

•The bright color of the leaves this time of the year. From red to orange to brown, the vivid colors are always nice to see when traveling here and there.

•The days in November when the temperature still reaches the 70s making it enjoyable to be outside doing a little yard work or just relaxing at a nearby state park.

•High school football playoffs when the games on Friday nights are even more anticipated than the regular season.

•A good scary movie which seems to still be appropriate for this time of the year even though Halloween has now passed.

•A comfortable pair of shoes.

•A song or perhaps an old magazine or television show which has the power to magically transport you back in time to the year in which they were released.

•The candidate, however rare, that actually follows through on a campaign promise or two. 

•Family. I can’t image where I would be without the support of mine.

•Good friends. I have a small, but true, circle of friends who have mean a great deal to me. I can only hope that feeling is mutual.

•High school memories. I am thankful that my time in high school is marked by mostly good memories. I realize now everyone isn’t as fortunate.

•The show “College Football Game Day” on Saturday mornings this time of the year.

•A good night’s sleep, which fortunately I never have any trouble getting.

•Old family photos.

•Growing up in small town America.

•Arguments about who is the better team in college football, be they friendly or otherwise.

•The person who stopped while driving by my house to tell me how nice my yard looked.

•The blue sky after a lengthy stretch of rain.

•Classic game show re-runs.

•Twilight Zone re-runs.

•Colleges which still put out a print edition of their football media guide.

•Student-athletes who compete at the Division III level.

•All athletes and students at each of the service academies.

•Anyone who has ever worn a uniform in defense of our country.

•The enjoyment of the post-game call in show, especially when a particular team loses. Hearing know-it-all fans can be true entertainment.

•That I still have a working VCR.

•Growing up the positive influence of four grandparents. Everyone should be as fortunate

•Those who work to prevent animal cruelty.

•Those who work on holidays to help ensure our safety. I hope I never need you but I’m glad you are there.

•That I still have yet to introduce my car, this version or any version, to a deer.

•For a roof over my head, clothes on my back and knowing that each day is a true blessing and a reason to be thankful. 

Chris Bridges is a former sports editor for The Walton Tribune and The Covington News. He welcomes feedback about this column at