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Belton: Vote Republican this election
Dave Belton

For almost all of Georgia’s history, Democrats have controlled this state. Throughout that time, Georgia grew moderately better than most Southern states, adding about a million people every 40 years. Their crowning achievement, in my opinion, was the airport in Atlanta and the HOPE Scholarship which electrified our college system and attracted lots of new talent. 

Sixteen years ago, a Republican governor was elected to lead Georgia for the first time in 120 years. Since then, Georgia has experienced amazing prosperity, adding a million people every eight years, growing from the 10th to the eighth largest state in the nation, and adding almost 750,000 new jobs in the last eight years alone. Atlanta is now the seventh largest economy in the nation and the 18th largest in the world, becoming an Alpha City in the world’s eyes. Record numbers of new businesses are locating here, including massive Shire and Facebook right here in Newton and Morgan counties. 

Because of this conservative government, Georgia has maintained the second best bond rating in America for 16 years, and for the only time in ANY state’s history we are the “Best State in the Nation to do Business In” for five years in a row. Georgia’s schools have never ranked higher, our university system is considered the best value in America, and thanks to the new HOPE Career Grants, 20 career degrees at our Technical Schools are absolutely free. The port of Savannah has grown to the fourth busiest in America, the ATL airport is the busiest in the world, and we’re now making more movies than Hollywood. 

As a Georgian, you are taxed the second lowest per person in the nation. Your state government is one of the smallest in the nation, spends the second least per person of any state, and hasn’t grown since 1990. Unemployment is at record lows, wages are rising, and the Gold Dome just passed the largest tax cut in Georgia’s history. In my opinion, it is because of our low taxes that our economy is doing so well. 

But there is a very different vision for Georgia that you should consider. The new Democrat party favors allowing "non-citizens" to vote, as well as enjoy the HOPE scholarship. They say that people shouldn’t have to work in Georgia’s two largest industries; agriculture or tourism. But most of all, they argue that spending the second least in the nation is actually hurting our state, and that we should spread this unprecedented wealth around. Thus, they want to raise your taxes in order to expand Medicaid and other programs. 

If you believe the average working Georgian is too rich and we should raise taxes, you should vote Democrat. If, however, you embrace the amazing economic record – based on hard, solid, and impressive facts – that Georgia has enjoyed these past 16 years, I urge you to vote Republican. 

More than 1,500,000 American veterans laid down their lives for your freedom. I urge you to get out and vote.

Belton is a Republican from District 112, serving in the Georgia House of Representatives.