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BECK: Republicans should campaign for themselves, not Trump
President Donald Trump attends a rally in support of Sen. David Perdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Valdosta, Ga., Dec. 5, 2020. - photo by The Associated Press

As the 2022 election cycle begins to heat up, I’ve started hearing more and more candidates pitch themselves to prospective voters.

Just this week, Gov. Brian Kemp made a stop in Walton County to speak to local Republicans and rally his supporters.

Days before, a couple of congressional candidates for Georgia’s 10th District were in Newton County to try and win over a few votes. Many others have stumped all across the state.

It’s still really early in the game, but I’ve noticed a terrible campaign trend that, I imagine, may only get worse.

For the longest time, I’ve always felt that a smear campaign, in which a candidate spends all of their time talking trash about other candidates, was the worst form of campaigning. But now there’s something that could “trump” it.

While on the campaign trail, you’d think most candidates would pointedly discuss their intended plans if elected. 

You’d think they’d spend a lot of time talking policy, whether they agree or disagree with what’s in place and how they’d change or adjust existing rules/regulations.

You’d also think candidates would place great emphasis on their resume and why they’re best suited for the job.

Instead, many candidates — particularly Republicans — are waving their Donald Trump flags and touting their support of the former president as some kind of accomplishment.

I’m sorry but, as a Republican voter, I find this ludicrous and exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong. As I’ve written before, I supported Trump while he was president and really believe his policies have our nation’s best interest at the forefront. In fact, I think the Biden administration should have never undone many of his policies, because, well, look where we are today. But I digress.

While I, like many others, supported Trump then, I don’t really care now if “Joe Blow” running for office in District 123 hitched his wagon to the Trump Train. And if that’s all a candidate can hang their hat on, then I’m probably not going to vote for them.

I know what Trump did and didn’t do. And if a candidate agrees with Trump’s policies and opinions, then that’s wonderful. But until the candidate can tell me about how they’ll make a difference with their own policies and opinions, I won’t consider them a real contender. To me, that’s just a “yes man,” and we don’t need any more of those in government.

Plus, if rocking the “MAGA” hat really helps a campaign, then why are former senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler out of office?

Equally, I don’t really care how much a candidate dislikes President Joe Biden, because if you’ve paid any attention to polls, not many people approve of the job he’s doing right now.

So, for any candidates interested in winning over my vote, and possibly others: campaign for yourself, not Trump.

Taylor Beck is editor and publisher of The Covington News. He may be reached at