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BECK: Envious of Yeezy’s current crib
Taylor Beck
Taylor Beck

When I was a child, I remember dreaming of one day living in the White House, in a mansion by the beach, and even a castle on the moon.

At school, I sometimes daydreamed what it might be like to live there, you know, like be innocently believed all of our teachers did.

If ever out shopping with my parents, I’d try hiding among the countless racks of clothes in an effort to be left behind and enjoy a one night stay at the local OshKosh B’gosh. But, my plans would always be foiled. After I’d plead my case as to why she should put custody of her children on the line by allowing me to “get lost” for the night, she’d roll her eyes, laugh and say, “In your dreams.”

I also wondered what it would be like to stay overnight inside a museum, graveyard or a zoo, but then again, there have been enough movies to know how that goes. Plus, I’d prefer to come out of these experiences alive.

Today, I find myself envying Kanye West of all people. Not because of his talents, riches or fame — though it would all be nice to have. No, I envy The Louis Vuitton Don because he’s living my childhood fantasy.

This week, shortly after his “listening party” at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, we learned the 21-time Grammy award-winning rapper has decided to kick off his Yeezys and stay awhile. No, not just in Atlanta — he’s taken up residency at the stadium while putting the finishing touches on his next album “Donda” before its Aug. 6 release.

I know what you’re thinking. Bizarre, right? But once you let it sink in, channel your inner childhood self and think about how cool that must be.

Sure, he’s having to sleep in what I’d describe as something similiar to a prison cell, and I’m sure he’s hard at work and focused on his album. But don’t think he’s spending all of his time bunked on a twin-sized bed. I’ll bet he’s having lots of fun beyond those concrete walls. 

Can’t you just picture Kanye playfully snooping around every inch of that stadium, pulling staff members into an epic hide-and-seek contest or even onto the field for a game of tag football? And, no doubt, he’s got to be watching TV or playing a couple video games up on the Jumbotron whilst sitting in a luxury stadium suite.

And imagine the food he could be enjoying. Forget the old ballpark franks or nachos and cheese. I could see Kanye sinking his teeth into a juicy chopped brisket sandwich or some pulled pork mac and cheese — the high dollar stuff. And lest we forget about Chick-fil-A — “ … my number one, with the lemonade …” 

Oh, to be Kanye for a day.

I have some advice, kids: Dream big, dream Yeezy.

Taylor Beck is editor and publisher of The Covington News. He may be reached at