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A goodbye to Sheila
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Gov. Nathan Deal has once again overlooked my immense talents when making his governmental appointments. Seven former legislators have recently been appointed to high posts in the Deal administration. Why legislators? One observer told the Atlanta Newspapers that it helps to have had the experience of serving in the Legislature to understand the inner workings of government. I already understand the inner workings of government: Free "working trips" to Germany, eating off lizard-loafered lobbyists, never paying to see a ballgame and furloughing school teachers. I guess I'll stick to being a modest and much-beloved columnist where my inner working consists of gigging the humor-deprived. ...

It didn't get a lot of notice around the state but the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick just turned 50. It started out as Brunswick College, a small two-year school. Today, enrollment is up to 3,500 students, an increase of about 40 percent over the past couple of years. There are new building and dorms galore, plus a variety of bachelor degrees available, athletic teams to cheer and it's not far from the ocean. (Much credit for the school's meteoric rise goes to Dr. Valerie Hepburn, CCGA president. The locals had better build a moat around the school before some other institution tries to steal her away. ...

And finally, if is with much sadness I announce that Sheila the Family Wonderdog is now in doggie heaven chasing squirrels across the cosmos after a long and blessed life on this earth. (There is no squirrel heaven.
Squirrels haven't done anything to deserve their own heaven.) Actually, Sheila was my granddog. She was officially a part of my son's family, but in truth, Sheila belonged to the whole family and was loved by all. She was of unknown genealogy but that didn't matter. She was smarter by light years than all the yappy froufrou dogs that would bark at a stump. Sheila the Family Wonderdog left this a better place by being here. I will miss her. We all will.

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