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BELTON: America Diplomacy
Dave Belton

It is so rare that I agree with the White House these days, that I feel obliged to acknowledge when they get something right.

Last week, the Vice President addressed the Munich Security Council. The site is significant, because Munich was where Neville Chamberlain famously handed Czechoslovakia over to Hitler, a betrayal that led to the escalation of the Nazi’s and the start of WWII.

In her speech, Harris stated a truth that few on the Left appreciate: America’s global military dominance has made the world relatively peaceful for the past 80 years.

“Our commitment to build and sustain alliances has helped America become the most powerful and prosperous country in the world — alliances that have prevented wars, defended freedom, and maintained stability from Europe to the Indo-Pacific. To put all of that at risk would be foolish.” She further stated, “Our approach is not based on the virtues of charity. We pursue our approach because it is in our strategic interest.”

She is exactly right.

Peace is not the norm. Conflict and suffering is the usual plight of man.

The only reason that you and I have lived in such a long stretch of relative peace, is because after WWII, America demanded that countries behave with one another.

The only reason the world listened, was because of our military dominance.

Sometimes, throwing our diplomatic weight around the world made America look like a tyrant, because we inflicted our will of peace upon nations who wanted to fight.

Sometimes, we’ve made mistakes in our pursuit of safeguarding a stable world.

But the world would be a much more dangerous place if America had NOT engaged. World-wide war and violence would have created terrible calamities that you and I can barely contemplate.

The problem with Biden, is that he rarely backs his words with meaningful action.

If he had armed Ukraine (as they requested) before Putin invaded, there wouldn’t be a war today.

Now, we’re faced with the first major war in Europe since WWII.

It’s a miracle that Ukraine survived the first few months of conflict. But once they showed they were able and willing to fight, Biden should have backed them up with everything we had in order to win a quick victory.

Instead, Biden mettled out our aid at maddingly-slow pace.

The result, is that we’re facing the first trench-warfare styled stalemate since WWI.

And nearly half a million people are dead.

Still, we cannot lose Ukraine.

If Putin wins, he has promised to invade a NATO country next.

Then, America will be obligated to send her daughters and sons to Europe to fight a shooting war with the Russian Bear…armed with nuclear weapons.

Biden wants us to re-live the Cold War nightmare of nuclear Armageddon that Ronald Reagan saved us from so many years ago.

Two years ago, Biden warned Putin not to assassinate his political rival.

Just this week, Putin did it anyway, making Biden look pathetic.

Yes, Biden did add a few new sanctions…to the long list we already had on Russia.

But Putin doesn’t care. Instead, he’s circumnavigating our weak response by escalating trade with China, India, and Turkey – three of Russia’s traditional enemies.

Biden’s diplomatic incompetence has actually made Russia stronger. Russia’s GDP is up, not down, and 10% of its economy is on a war fitting.

Do you really think Putin will stop in Ukraine?

Biden’s ridiculous fossil fuel policy only makes it worse. He’s halting our production of natural gas while Russia increases theirs.

We get poorer, while Putin gets richer. In fact, the Russian economy is growing faster than our own.

The US gets weaker, while our nemesis gets stronger.

Did you know the US Navy is currently fighting the first major naval battle of the 21st Century? Thanks to Biden’s fecklessness with Iran, 45 ships in the Red Sea have been attacked by almost a 100 drones, resulting in many sinkings.

And of course, we just buried three brave Georgians that were murdered in the Middle East by Iranian-backed proxies.

Yes, we must seal our borders. The 10 to 12 million undocumented migrants that Biden let into our country, the 100,000 Americans that have died of fentanyl, the 250,000 children that Biden lost and are probably now sex slaves, the massive crime wave that is spreading across the nation because of gang-members he’s let in: they all attest that Biden is failing at his primary job of keeping Americans safe.

Horribly, just this week, a couple of Georgians – parents of Laken Riley – are burying their daughter after she was brutally murdered by an illegal migrant with a previous criminal record at UGA.

These odious outrages are intolerable.

Still, we cannot lose Ukraine.

If we allow the bullies to win, more bullies will appear, resulting in more wars we’ll have to fight in the future. Better to help our friends in Ukraine and Israel now - with financial aide - than to send American soldiers overseas later to fight an even bigger war.

Biden cannot undo the grievous harm that he has already done. But he can prevent further atrocities with the stroke of the pen. He needs to either take executive action now – or cut a deal with the House and take up the bill that they already passed in exchange for help to Israel and Ukraine – and seal our border.