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Young murder trial - Day 3 update
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Witnesses have taken the stand all day to testify on behalf of the state in the death penalty trial against Rodney Young.

From testimony it appears clear that Young was in Covington at the time Gary Jones was murdered, In fact, Young's defense attorneys have said that he committed the murder but that he is mentally retarded.

Prosecutors disagree, saying instead that Young stalked Doris and Gary Jones, learned their patterns and that the brutal beating and stabbing death was premeditated.

Witnesses were brought forward that worked with Young to testify under oath that he asked for time off from his job at the beginning of March (the murder was committed March 30, 2008), that he borrowed a GPS system from a co-worker for his "vacation to Georgia," and a AT&T employee went through various records showing that his cell phone was in Covington or very close (within walking distance) to the victims home in the days leading up to his murder, including for several hours on the day he was killed.

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