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Wrong way driver charged with DUI
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De'Quan Allen Caldwell was arrested early Sunday morning after reportedly driving the wrong way on I-20.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office were responding to an accident on the interstate and while en route were informed by dispatch that the vehicle which had wrecked initially was now driving east on the westbound side, still up against the median. After stopping traffic and locating Caldwell, deputies were able to get him out of the car. Although he reportedly denied drinking, reports indicate that he smelled of alcohol and had glassy and blood shot eyes.

After failing several sobriety tests, according to reports, Caldwell was arrested and charged with DUI, open container, failure to maintain lane, wrong way on a one-way street, driving with suspended license and reckless driving.

A search of his vehicle yielded a small paper bag and an empty bottle of Remy Martin.

Hindered by heels
An excuse of high heels didn't get Felipae Gaither Saffo out of arrest for DUI early Saturday morning.

Deputies stopped her after initially noticing that Saffo took a wide turn on Covington Bypass Road and then drove in the wrong lane momentarily before overcorrecting and jerking into the correct lane. When deputies pulled her over they reported that Saffo smelled of alcohol, but she reportedly denied having anything to drink, instead saying she "had on high heels."

Even after removing the shoes Saffo was unable to complete sobriety tests, according to reports. She was arrested and taken to the jail under charges of DUI.

Key fight
A call for help from Covington Police Officers ended with the arrest of a man Wednesday morning for simple battery.

Officers were initially called to a family fight between Ronnie Okeith Farley and the victim. When officers arrived, they spoke with Farley, who reports indicate was "agitated" and using profanity toward the victim. When they eventually calmed Farley down, he reportedly told officers that he was upset because the victim refused to give him her car keys so he could drive himself home. He also allegedly admitted to striking the victim. That coupled with the fact he had a warrant out for his arrest, Farley was arrested for simple battery and the outstanding warrant.

The victim said she told Farley she would take him home after her shower and he didn't like that. She said while in the shower, Farley kicked the door open, dragged her out of the shower by her hair, pulling clumps of her hair out, and punched her in the left eye and scratched her neck.