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Woman tells deputies she is child of God
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A woman was arrested after tailgating a family of four down Floyd Street while blowing her horn and flipping the bird.

When approached by the responding deputy, the woman refused to provide her driver's license insisting that she was not driving. Instead, she said her 16-year-old daughter was driving even though the deputy witnessed the woman getting out of the driver's side door.

Another deputy responded to assist and also further pressed for the woman's driver's license, warning that if she did not show her identification she would be arrested for obstruction.

The woman gave her address, date of birth and an alias. While giving the information to the deputies, the woman became belligerent and informed the officers that she was a child of God.

She started to walk away and one of the deputies grabbed her left arm. The woman then began yelling and cursing at the deputy stating that the deputy was trying to break her arm. She insisted she was going to press charges against the deputy for touching her.

Dispatched notified the deputies that the woman had given an alias with the same date of birth. Dispatch also told the deputies that the woman had a suspended driver's license and outstanding warrants from Douglasville and South Carolina.

The woman was arrested and charged with Obstruction, Driving on a Suspended License and giving a false name to police.