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Woman steals mans wallet and blames him
Takes unattended wallet off counter
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A woman was arrested Sunday afternoon after allegedly stealing a wallet and blaming the theft on the victim.

An officer from the Covington Police Department was called to an establishment and spoke with a man who said that he laid his wallet on the counter and went back to his car for some change. He reportedly told the officer when he returned his wallet was missing and the woman who had been behind him in line was gone.

The cashier allegedly told the victim that the woman who was in line behind him had walked out of the store and around the building with “something tucked under her arm.” The cashier also reportedly said they were the only two people in the store at the time of the theft but said she did not see the woman take the wallet.

According to reports the victim told the officer that he knew who the woman was and identified her as Takela Jones and also told the officer he knew where she lived. He gave the officer the name of the road and a description of her home. He also reportedly told them his camouflaged wallet contained roughly $30.

The officer drove to Jones’ residence and when he knocked on her door she reportedly answered it and immediately asked if the officer was there because of the wallet.” When he told her that he was she allegedly told the officer she had found a wallet and had thrown it in the dumpster.

She reportedly told the officer she threw it away because she looked inside it and didn’t know who it belonged to. When the officer told her that the victim said he knew who she was she allegedly said, “Oh, yeah. I know him.” When asked if there had been any money in the wallet she reportedly said there was not. Jones allegedly agreed to show the officer where she had thrown the wallet and the officer found the wallet with the victim’s identification in it.

At that point, the officer placed Jones under arrest for theft of found/mislaid property. When the officer placed handcuffs on her she reportedly blurted out “It’s his own fault! He shouldn’t have left his wallet on the counter!”