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Woman reportedly on Molly fights police
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After allegedly taking the drug “molly,” a woman fought with Covington police officers and grabbed for an officer’s pepper spray and Taser Saturday morning at 2:20 a.m.

A call form the Greenway Cove neighborhood informed the Covington Police Department that a woman was being combative with her family and possibly on drugs. According to reports, the family told officers that Ball went to a club and they believed she had taken “molly,” and began freaking out after arriving back home.

When officers arrived and went to speak with the woman, she reportedly took off a pendant on a metal chain on her shirt and began “swinging it in a circular fashion as if it was a weapon.” The officer stepped back and ordered her to drop the chain, but she continued swinging it. The officer withdrew his Taser and ordered her to drop the pendant, which she did.

According to reports, after being placed in handcuffs, with her arms in front of her, the woman repeatedly grabbed at the officer’s duty belt, including his pepper spray container, magazine pouches and Taser.

“She was able to unsnap both my (pepper spray) container and magazine pouch,” the officer said in a report.
The woman was then escorted to the police car in a “control hold,” where she continued to resist and mule kicked at an officer.

When emergency personnel arrived and attempted to put the woman in the ambulance, she continued to try to unstrap herself from the stretcher, grabbed the EMS personnel’s clothing and grabbed scissors and other items from their cargo pockets. She was handcuffed to the stretcher.

Officers followed the ambulance, in case she was combative. According to reports, at the hospital, she continued to resist arrest, again grabbing at the officer’s duty belt and police radio, changing the channel on the radio at one point.

The woman was released to EMS personnel and a warrant has been issued for felony obstruction against her.

Indecent exposure
A south Covington couple awoke around midnight Monday morning to the sound of yelling/screaming, according to police reports.

According to reports, they woke up and saw a neighbor standing near the fence on the side of their house holding his penis. The man, reportedly, was shouting an obscene request at one of the residents. According to reports, a child in the house saw and heard the entire incident.

When officers arrived on the scene they went to the house where the suspect, Rodney Heaton, was reported to reside, and another person answered the door. According to reports, Justin Moore, who was believed to be intoxicated, came outside and wouldn’t let officers inside the home, asking why they wanted to enter the residence and talk with Heaton.

A woman, Ashley McCalister, also believed to be intoxicated, then came outside and was asked by officers if Heaton could come outside. McCalister, reportedly, said she needed to find out what was going on first, and was told she would be arrested if she came onto the street intoxicated.

According to reports, McCalister walked forward and placed her hands behind her back, “in a handcuff position and leaned forward.”

McCalister and Moore were arrested for public intoxication.

Heaton was then arrested and charged with indecent exposure, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.